Style Me Grasie

Style Me Grasie is another blog that, although fashion-focused, has widened its topics to include other subjects loved by its typical fan – posts on issues such as beauty, travel, and home inspiration interspersed with fashion features.

This blog is the online home of actress and writer, Grasie Mercedes, currently based in Los Angeles. She is Dominican by birth. She actually has four names, but she is best known by her grade school nickname, Gracie.

As with most of these blogs, her posts feature luscious photography, focussing on people wearing the latest “in” fashion.

A significant section of the blog is “Outfits,” and this predominantly features what Grasie wears in her daily activities. The posts are highly visual, with captions describing the outfits worn, often explaining why Grasie likes and wears particular items. She generally includes links to sites where her fans can buy items to emulate her look, often giving alternatives in various price ranges.

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